• Consultancy
  • Administrative and judicial litigation 
  • Tax consultations
  • Tax incentives 
  • Tax planning 
  • Special Systems


  • Corporate consultancy for publicly held  corporations and closely held corporations 
  • Joint venture agreements 
  • Corporate governance 
  • Corporate Restructures
  • Legal advice for foreign investments in Brazil
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Due Diligence
  • Procedures in the Central Bank

Family-owned business

  • Corporate advice for family- owned businesses
  • Succession Planning
  • Intelligence in management transition  in family- owned businesses
  • Advisory on constitution and  implement of Family Councils
  • Advisory on creation and implement of boards of directors 
  • Corporate Governance

Third Sector

  • Obtaining securities and certificates: OS (Social Organizations), OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public  Interest),  UP (Public Service Companies) and CEBAS/CEAS( Social Assistance Beneficent Certification) 
  • Constitution of civil associations  and private foundations
  • Covenants and contracts
  • Guidelines for investment in social projects
  • Projects of sport and cultural sponsorship  
  • Partnership agreements


  • Agrarian agreements
  • Analysis on tax structure oriented to agribusiness 
  • Advisory on creating business models with the adoption of legal intelligence techniques oriented to management
  • Corporate and real estate due diligence 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate Governance
  • Advisory on investments

Legal Audit

  • Legal audit in civil, corporate and tax areas 
  • Legal audit in environment and labor areas (with partnership firms)
  • Accounting audit (with partnership firms)


  • Advisory on company structure projects with impact on the staff
  • Internal and external audit
  • Prevention of liabilities and labor litigation planning;
  • Lawsuit conduct  and follow up of lawsuits
  • Advisory on contracting foreign and expatriate employees 

Intellectual Property

  • Strategy for trademarks and products
  • Technological innovation
  • Technology transfer
  • INPI (Brazilian Patent Office)
  • International action intermediating protection of trademarks, patents and industrial designs  by the proper agents 
  • Domain name registrations and defense against undue registration by third parties
  • Industrial property contracts

Civil Litigation

  • Civil litigation in all Brazilian  Courts 
  • Preventive consultancy


  • Divorce
  • Probate proceedings, simplified probate proceedings and wills
  • Prenuptial and coexistence agreements 
  • Judicial separation